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Honey against hay fever

Honey against hay fever

Finally, spring has properly arrived. Not that feint that The Weather likes to pull on us every single year in late March, that “Sun’s out – ooohh now it’s raining, in your face!” type of stuff, no, it’s the real thing now, real, genuine spring. Turin, the grey monochrome place that I arrived in last year, has turned into a beautiful place, full of majestic, tree-lined streets and surrounded by…

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No country for vegetarians

No country for vegetarians

Italians, being the Mediterranean and passionate types that they are, seem to nurture irrational but ardent feelings of hatred for the most unexpected things in their hearts. For instance, vegetarians. What’s so offensive about vegetarians, I ask? They’re nice to animals, they do their part for the environment, plus, what do you care what they eat? And yet they seem to be held in contempt by most…

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My life with my new flatmates, part VI: yoghurt

My life with my new flatmates, part VI: yoghurt

Everyone has their quirks, and here in the flat, the three of us are no different. Specifically, we all have products that we must have in the house at all times, or we freak out. My product is eggs. What if I suddenly want to make a cake or something? If there are fewer than 4 eggs, I’ll buy a new box. I just have to have some, no compromises.

My flatmate the Queen never fails to have a bag of…

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The best thing in the world

The best thing in the world

Of all of the wonderful things that this world has to offer, cheese must be the best. Vegetables go a long way, fair enough, and alcohol, aside from having this delightful inebriating effect, tastes amazing, it’s true. Meat, if you ignore all the environmental and ethical objections, surely is the food of kings, and bread is the truest companion of all of the delicious treats mentioned above. Yet…

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The first picnic of the year

The first picnic of the year

A while ago a colleague of mine discovered the ol’ blog here, and rather than discreetly reading it and keeping that information to himself, as most of my readers appear to do, told everyone he knew about it. This means that by now, half of the people I work with have started reading what I post here. I have to say I’m actually quite excited about this. My reader count is sort of pathetic, but my…

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My life with my new flatmates, part V: six days thou shalt labour

My life with my new flatmates, part V: six days thou shalt labour

Being a working woman and all, I suddenly have very limited free time. Since I work six days a week, I suddenly feel that my only free day should be spent in the most meaningful way possible. Rather than wasting my Sundays away in pyjamas, hidden under a blanket, recovering from the night before whilst watching a full season of Breaking Bad, I’ve started actually doing things on Sundays.


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The Battle of Orange(s)

The Battle of Orange(s)

There comes a day in every girl’s life where she’s just got to toughen up, stand tall, hold her head up high and take an undetermined amount of oranges in the face. For me, that day came last Sunday.

Last weekend I spent the Sunday in Ivrea, where I attended the Battaglia delle Arance – or Orange Battle, the traditional carnival celebration of the city. The Battaglia delle Arance is exactly what…

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Curry isn’t curry.

Curry isn’t curry.

Food can be so confusing, or rather, food names can be so confusing. The moment people started shipping food around the world, this whole massive great mix-up started. People started misinterpreting names and everything went downhill from there.

Most recent confusion culprit: curry! What exactly is curry? Well, it all depends on whom you’re asking. Anyone from the UK will probably say it’s a dish…

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The brilliant food ideas of a hypothetical stoner

The brilliant food ideas of a hypothetical stoner

As I wrote a while ago, it’s the stoners of this world that come up with the most amazing food ideas. Imagine being high as a kite, getting the munchies, grabbing whatever is left in the fridge, and making a mind-blowing, belly-filling snack out of it.

When I first wrote about this it was because at the time I was feeling very pessimistic about my future, and I considered ‘sitting around a…

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The first person to make pastaThere are many things in this world of which I wonder how they were ever invented, or perfected to…View Post